Monitoring and Security



It allows the exchange of information through free text messages via satellite, with low cost and attends national and international transport operations. It presents all the characteristics of the hybrid tracking system, such as Embedded Intelligence and the possibility of OnixSat Telemetry.


OnixSat Enterprise

Optimizes the logistics operation of OnixSat customers and increases the security of the agents involved in the transport. It was developed taking into account the needs of transporters, shippers, risk managers, insurers and freelancers.

Among its various functionalities, we highlight:

  • Logistics (route configuration)
  • Send commands, free and predefined messages
  • Reports for analysis of messages, positions, commands and alerts received and sent to the driver
  • Creating landmarks
  • Make Mirrors
  • Creation of electronic fences
  • Tracking vehicle timer change
  • Support for portable devices
  • View Vehicle Positions in Google Earth
  • Travel control and telemetry analysis for supported equipment