Road Transport

Container Road Transport

We transport the various types of containers between 20 ‘, 40’ Dry, 40 ‘High Cube, Reefer, Isotank, Open Top and Flat Rack in the import, export and cabotage areas, using our own fleet controlled by a solid and skilled team through continuous training for an increasingly effective service.

Ensuring the effectiveness of all operations, we follow the guidelines of the Integrated Management System (SASSMAQ), emphasizing punctuality, safety, risk management, monitoring, embedded technology, tracking, constant training of the team, WGRA) and Cargo Insurance (RCF-DC / RCTR-C). Atwalog assists in the transportation of all cargo through the licenses of the Civil Police, Federal Police, Army and IBAMA.

Container Transportation Isotank

Due to the growth of liquid bulk cargo handling at Isotank in Brazil, Atwalog specializes in the transportation of this type of equipment by road with a fleet of EURO 5 mechanical horses, with a mean of three years of use and new equipment such as conventional bugs and lowered to the service with total safety and effectiveness.

In the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals using Isotanks, a number of procedures and standards are followed which are strictly adhered to in accordance with the SASSMAQ Safety, Health, Environment and Quality System guidelines.

Freight Transport

We have a fleet of open carts, sider trucks, trucks, stumps, trunks, VUCs and small utilities.

Transport of cargoes under cabotage

The service that in the nineteenth century was largely used for bulk transportation became widely important for the movement of any type of cargo throughout the Brazilian coast, mainly containers from the 1990s. Since then, Atwalog also started to operate in this segment through partnerships with the main players of the Cabotage market.

Transport in Customs Transit Regime for the entire national territory

The company is authorized to transport DTA through the Term of Responsibility of Customs Transit – TRTA, signed with the Federal Revenue and exempted from customs guarantee for having net worth above that demanded by Customs. With this, Atwalog has the condition to carry loads of cargo with high added values ​​also in this regime.