Storage and Distribution


In an area with a physical area of ​​6,500 m², with 1,500m² of covered warehouses and 5,000m² of uncovered areas, Atwalog offers the general warehouse service duly registered at the São Paulo business council. Through a fully equipped structure, it meets the needs of customers in storage and handling of loose cargo, unitization, container unitization with total safety in compliance with the requirements of the fire department, following SGI safety guidelines and covered by safe.

Material Handling

It covers the movement of materials at the storage location, from the stage of receiving the item (including the internal movement inside the warehouse), until the moment of leaving the item.


Palletizing changes the operational level of the company, since the logistics unit is no longer the boarding pass and becomes the pallet, allowing it to enjoy all the advantages of automation and modularization. We are prepared to meet all demand for pallets, whether disposable or returnable, and with multifunctional teams, that is, buyer and seller only negotiate with the support of their respective logistic areas, where the trading unit becomes the Pallet and / or the cart, thus allowing to minimize costs and streamline the entire distribution system.

Product Separation

The separation of products, ATWALOG TRANSPORTES uses its specialized labor within our warehouse, with a reduction of costs related to employees for its handling.


The logistic processes for managing materials from the output of the product from the production line to the delivery of the product at the final destination. This is the most common distribution process, but within this context there are a number of variables and trade-off decisions to be made by the logistics professional.